Jackie Perkins

                                                                  11th January 1940 to 1st July 2013

The 1st July 2013 saw the unexpected, untimely death of our dear friend Jackie Perkins. Jackie's death was a great shock to us and many people both here in the UK and overseas. The first time we saw Jackie and indeed a Vizsla was in the early 1980's, we were showing our young Dobermann bitch at a show being held at Harwood Hall Equestrian Centre in Upminster, Essex. We had just arrived at the show and were unloading our car when a lady pulled up close to us, she got out of her car, opened the tailgate and out jumped six magnificent dogs, their golden coats gleaming in the sunshine, with a pip of her whistle the dogs all rallied around this lady, she had complete control, all very impressive, we found out from the show catalogue who the lady was and what breed these beautiful dogs were, from that very first sighting we knew that one day we too would own a Vizsla. In 1995 when we were ready to welcome a Vizsla into our home it was Jackie who helped us locate a suitably bred puppy, a beautiful bitch whom we named Pumpkin.
Along with Gay Gottlieb (Russetmantle) and Angela Boys (Galfrid) both of whom are sadly no longer with us, Jackie was a doyen of the breed.Jackie bred or owned four full champions and over thirteen show champions both here in the UK and overseas.  Many of todays top winning Vizslas in the UK and overseas today carry Gardenway lines, this includes Yogi who goes back to Aus Ch Gardenway Kedvenc Andes and Aus Ch Gardenway Chekov both exported to Fay Harris (Hanafor) Australia in the 1980’s. Jackie was passed to award CC’s in 1987, she judged the breed at Crufts in 1996 and has judged in Sweden, Canada and Australia. A Poignant memory for us is Crufts this year, where she had a lovely day watching the judging and catching up with her old friend Fay Harris who had travelled over from Australia.
As well as her achievements with her dogs Jackie was also a talented artist taking commissions, painting in watercolours and pen and ink. Jackie was a larger than life character with a devilishly funny sense of humour, she was a no nonsense woman and spoke her mind, she said what she thought, you knew exactly where you stood with her. Underneath this tough exterior was a generous, kind hearted lady who would always take time to listen, she was very welcoming to newcomers in the breed and would gladly share her vast knowledge becoming a friend and mentor to many, a fact borne out by the many tributes that were made on Facebook. We will never forget the help Jackie gave us when we came into the breed all that time ago.
Jackie, you taught us so much over the years, you were indeed our dear friend and a true inspiration, may you rest in peace.

Group of Gardenways, impeccably behaved as usual !!