Our Vizslas

Although we show and occasionally work our Vizslas they are first and foremost our pets, all living in the house with us, sharing our busy lives

Vizslas are an affectionate, lively breed and thrive on human company, they do not do well if left alone for long periods they can become noisy and destructive.

At least two sessions a day of around thirty minutes free running is the minimum required to keep a Vizsla happy, more if possible (Depending on age).

As we are based in the centre of the country we quite often have people come and meet our dogs who are thinking of owning a Vizsla but have never actually met one. Our dogs think this is great, and love to meet people, enjoying all the fuss that is made of them !

Visitors are always welcome, just call first.

We have one or two carefully planned litters a year, enquiries welcome