Roughshoot Clementine

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We decided in 2008 that we would like another Vizsla, as company for Honey (our first Vizsla from Jim & Sharon), as another show dog and because we absolutely love the breed. Having discussed this with Jim & Sharon we knew we wanted a puppy from another Nugget/Yogi mating and were quite happy to wait until this was possible. Nugget came into season in October ’09 and on the 23rd December; Miss Pink (as she was initially named) was born. We were very lucky to be allowed the pick of the litter and after advice from Jim, Sharon and Jackie Perkins, Miss Pink became our little Cookie.

We collected Cookie in February the following year and within 24 hours had settled into to her new home and had been adopted by Honey her big sister. Although they share the same parents they are two very different dogs in both habit and personality, but still very typical of the breed. Cookie ‘talks’ more than Honey, but doesn’t bark as much as her big sister. Honey likes to be buried under a blanket, whilst Cookie is quite happy to ‘snuggle’ and has her own internal heat source – both on the sofa with their Mum!

Cookie also loves her teddies (like her big sister) and has to have one in her mouth when she comes to greet you. She has a typical Vizsla personality and has to be involved in any/every family activity – whatever it is! She is progressing nicely and is doing very well in her ringcraft training as we build up to her first show this June at Blackpool. We will be delighted if she shares in only a fraction of the success of her famous father.

We remain very grateful to Jim & Sharon for all their help, guidance and support; not to mention for bringing two glorious dogs into our lives. In addition to our dogs we are also very grateful for the new friends we now have and the wider Roughshoot family we are now part of.