Roughshoot Tangerine.

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Our puppy formerly Miss Orange is now called Toffee. We brought her home on the 23rd Feb 2010 at just 8 weeks old, the youngest of the 4 puppies.
Toffee is a real character and loves to run around and play, and jump about like a kangaroo.  If you ask her to find a toy she will easily find one for you to play with her with.. She loves to be off the lead and does really well at coming back., so far!!!! but she's not seen any rabbits yet only chased a few birds...
She loves lots of cuddles and when not falling asleep on our laps which she loves to do,  she quite happily puts herself to bed when she's tired, but has to have her rug over her head and body though so she's fully covered, so much so. if we don't do it for her she pulls it over with her teeth. 
She's quite happy to go out in the car and as she's now out of her cage and has the boot to herself .
Toffee was awarded her KC Good Citizen Bronze Award at just five months of age and is now working towards her Silver Award. She's also attending ringcraft classes and doing really well.
We absolutely adore her and couldn't imagine our family and home without her.

Ruth, Andy, Hannah and James in Richmond N Yorks.