Roughshoot Astute

Ditto along with Dexter and Deazel have their own dogblog, click here to see latest pictures

Ditto has a new playmate! The two D's have now become the three D's and they are fast becoming the best of friends. Ditto has such a lovely character and at four and a half she is quite happy playing with a young pup.

The following pictures taken in the snow of Ditto playing with Dexter were taken in Feb 09.

After meeting Sharon and Jim in September 06 I returned a couple of weeks later to collect Ditto, she quickly became house trained and has been easy to train in general as she has a very biddable nature, combined with being extremely sweet and loving, her favourite position is the picture above, no not the one standing upright looking smart, but the one on her back waving her legs in the air! Ditto and her 'big brother' Dexter are best of friends as you can see from below pics.

Ditto hasn't been shown at all but is a much loved pet. She would I'm sure have done well in the show ring if she had gone to a showing home as she is very well put together and very pretty.

She loves to be involved with whatever you do and here to the right she is even learing to surf! This was taken shortly after her first birthday."