Roughshoot A la Carte

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We decided as a family that the timing was right to get a dog early in 2006, we were certain of the type and temperament of the dog that would be suitable, but were struggling to agree on which breed. One day whilst out shopping in Frodsham we saw a Vizsla for the first time, we all instantly fell in love with the look of this magnificent breed and having spoken with the owners were convinced we had found our breed. Much more research was undertaken and in August 2006 we decided to visit the Bakewell Show to talk to more Vizsla owners and get a further insight into the breed. The first people we met quite by chance were Jim & Sharon, who spent a long time with us chatting about the breed. We then arranged to visit their home to see all of their dogs and happily they agreed we could select a bitch from Nugget’s next litter.

Honey came into our lives in November of 2006, a bundle of ‘ginger’ joy and the best first family dog anyone could hope for. Very loyal and devoted to the children, she shares our lives with grace and beauty; it is our privilege to have her as part of the family. Jim & Sharon also suggested she may have the right qualities to well in the show ring and in May 2007 we showed her for the first time, getting a very creditable 2nd place at Stafford Show. She has continued to do very well in the ring, qualifying for Crufts every year since and being placed as high as 2nd in Championship Shows.

We decided in 2008 to have another Vizsla puppy, as company for Honey and a possible future show Champion! Jim & Sharon were happy to oblige and in February 2010 collected Roughshoot Clementine (Cookie).

We are privileged to call Jim & Sharon our friends, we have made some fabulous friends as part of the ‘Roughshoot Family’, not to mention the proud owners of two magnificent dogs. Whether, walking, playing or showing the Vizsla is a delight to own and makes an excellent family companion. Just get used to the ‘what a beautiful dog, what is it’ question!