Mango, the story of a champion.

23rd April 2008 to 19th April 2019

Mango was born on the 23rd April 2008, weighing 456 grams or 16 ozs she was one of a litter of six beautiful puppies, three dogs and three bitches. We knew we would keep a bitch from this litter and the decision was extremely difficult as all the puppies were well constructed with typical outgoing Vizsla temperaments. The puppies were identified by their coloured collars, Misses Orange, Pink and Yellow and Misters Blue, Green and Red. We finally made our decision, we would keep Miss Orange, she became known as Roughshoot Calypso (Mango) and she stayed here along with her mum Nugget and her great grandpa Grebe. Below are a selection of photographs showing Mango as she grew and developed, at the age of three years and two months she became a Show Champion. Along with all the Roughshoots Mango is a constant source of pleasure to us, she is a very special Show Girl. Of course we wouldn't have Mango if it wasn't for her beautiful Sire (Yogi) and our own gorgeous girl, Nugget.

Miss Orange becomes Show Champion Roughshoot Calypso JW..................



Nugget before giving birth

Puppies hours after being born

Mango upside down

Worn out after playing

Mango, Nugget and Great Grandpa Grebe

Nugget and Mango

Mango always a water baby

Mango loves to retrieve

Mango loves the sea

Mango 5 weeks

Mango at 7 weeks

Mango front view 7 weeks

Mango rear view 7 weeks

Mango 12 weeks

Mango 16 weeks

Mango 5 months

Mango 7 months

Mango aged 11 months at Crufts 2009

Mango 17 months

Mango 2 years 2 months

Mango 2 years 4 months

Mango 2 years 11 months

At 3 year 2 months, Sh Ch Roughshoot Calypso JW.

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